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Exclusive to Dunedin Goldsmiths, we introduce ICONZ, a selection of beads to fit most bead bracelets and can be made to your own design. A great gift for friends visiting or family abroad. Below is a small selection of some of the beads we have designed and manufactured.

  • Selection of Beads


    Selection of beads created by the Dunedin Goldsmiths jewellers

    selection of bead jewellery
  • Kiwi Bead


    Unique Kiwi bead jewellery by Dunedin Goldsmiths

    Kiwi bead jewellery
  • Kiwi Bead Words


    Unique Kiwi (words) bead

    Kiwi bead jewellery
  • NZ Bead


    NZ lettering bead

    NZ bead
  • Kiwi Wrapped


    Kiwi bird wrapped around bead

    Kiwi bead
  • New Zealand Silver Fern bead


    New Zealand silver fern bead

    Silver Fern bead
  • Gone to the Dogs


    Dog paw print beads

    Dog Paw Print Beads
  • Silver Fern Beads


    Variety of Silver Fern beads

    Silver Fern Beads







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